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White supremacists believe their shit don't stink, actually thrir shit stinks worse than anyone else. When I was in the service someone said to me "If you are not better than black people, who are you better than?" I told him no one. He was dumb founded. I do my thing and not tread on anyone else, you do your thing aand don't tread on anyone else.


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Homeland Scarrity
Private Prison
Capitalist Prison

My personal grind with Homeland Security is their investigation of my marriage. There is nothing in the Constitution or the Articles of the Constitution about marriages, good, bad, or indifferent, yet they came and went through the house, top to bottom. Then there is ICE. ICE is appalling, The Hammer of Justive says they should what they dish out, plus just a little more so that they could get "the feel", "the understanting" of what they are doing.

The laws of society are written so that if you have a dime and I only have a penny, I have had a bad day. And it is not just money wise, It is ram pant through out society, in every endeavor because it is a capitalist society. So any thing different than some "good guy's" notion is an offence and jailable.

Private prisons are even worse! The jailer, or warden or whoever wants to buy a boat and diesel for it so me hollers at the cop to arest more people if he has to invent some charges, no matter how flimsy. Jail and prison "big business. Yes, siree!

A superb dolt, a superb liar, supremely inhumane and a person who uses money as a substitute for intelligence.

A supreme need for the "Hammer of Justice"

The "White House of Ill Repute"! For a buck and a pat on the head you can screw anyone.

Super dolts out to make the country great, according to the great orange leader's agenda.

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