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Accepted as design for Wagon Days celebration button.    1968

Title: The White American     1968

Media: Oil on canvas

Accepted for the 33rd Annual Exhibition  of Painting and Sculpture, at Boise Gallery of Art 1968.

In 1969 this picture and two others Were banned from the Wagon Days Show. I believe that ultimatelyit is the reason that I was beaten , some of my clothes torn off, andbeing arrested for a different picture.

This picture was invited to 73rd Western Annual, an inaugural show for the new Denver Art Museum.

Title: Chairs and Squares     1976

Media: Acrylic

Title: From the Dark Forest     1981

Media: Collage

Title: Laughter In The Night

Media: Collage

UFOs Out By Ray's Barn     1968

Media: Acrylic

Title: Where Have All the Buffalo Gone     1975

Media: Acrylic on sand

The poem is by Robeert Witcraft

Title: Tube Eyed Worm     1981

Media: Collage

Title: Chair In the Library     1981

Media: Acrylic

Title: Bullshit Keeps the Game Going

Media: Acrylic     1981

Title: If I Could, If I Just Could

Media: Oil on canvas

This picture was given an Honorable Mention at the 32nd Annual Exhibition of Idaho Painting and Sculpture, in Boise 1967

Title: Muffet and Her Wheelbarrow     1970

Media: Oil

Title: Melissa and Her Mom


Title: District Attorney

Media: Oil

Title: Plumbing the Mother     1975

Media: Oil     31 1/2" x 42" 

Three miners in a skip, going down a shaft. 

Title: Composition From Big Creek, Idaho

Media: oil

Title: Shane by the Back Gate

Media: Oil

Title: Smokin'

Media: Oil

Title: Faces In the Rib of the 450 West Drift

Media: Charcoal and Chalk

The picture is a trapazoid, sorry about the ends

Title : The Pig Picture / Mr. Bust'um

Media: Oil on canvas

Title: Shit House Philosophy     1982

Media: Ink

Colonel of the urinal playing his war games

Title: Big Man - Gook Killer

Media: Oil

Title: Welfaare Juggernaut     1973

Media: Mixed

Title: Black Gold     1975

Media: Acrylic

Title: Oh! Say Can You See... Any Vigilantes     1976

Media: Oil on hardboard     30" x 40"

Today these vigilantes would be called  Proud Boys, KKK, Oath Keepers, White Christians, Patriot Prayer, White Supremacists, MAGA Maggots pretending to defend "Mom and Apple Pie"

Title:  Trapped     1975

Media: oil

Title: From My Seat Here In Washington...I Will Change Things     18" x 24"

Media: Acrylic on hardboard

Everything seems to get flushed or erroded away. Some go to Washington with An Honest desire. Most are soon corrupted, leaving us with only a hand full of honest and thoughtful politicians through out history. 

Title: He Said, So I Said     1989

Media: Shingle and plastic      11" x 17 1/2"

Title: Mother and Social Worker      1970

Media: Oil

Title: Day of the Mortician

Media: Acrylic on hardboard      1974

Title: The Time Has Come To Wave Your arrows In The Sun


Title: The Winos     1972

Media: Oil on canvas

If I ever get that bad! Well, It got bad enough for me.

Title: My Mother's Protector of the Night - First     1972

Media: Acrylic

This picture and the one just below started out as white patterns on a black blanket that my Mom gave me when I left Hailey. I took the patteerns and developed them into tthese two critters of the night.

Title: My Mother's Protector of the Night - Second

Media: Acrylic

Title: The Ggreat Horse of Man

Media: Oil

The power to explore our lives, home, and enviornment

Title: What A Pile of Junk     1973

Media: Oil

Title: It Hurts     1971

Media: Oil

Title: It Hurts - Number Two

Media: Acrylic

Title: Dead Bull     1973

Media: Acrylic     12" x 18"

Title: The Son Goes Down     1981


Title: Frank's Old Barn

Media: Acrylic

Title: Let Me Water Your Tree

Media: Collage and acrylic

Title: Flaming Phallus     

Media: Shingle and Plastic     12 3/4" x 17"

Title: Three Variations of Sunshine on Venetian Blinds     1975

Media: Collage

Title: White Buffalo

Media: Acrylic

Title: Leschi     1976

Media: Acrylic

Title: Broadford Miners Strike

Media: Oil on canvas

Title: Lowman Idaho     1973

Media: Oil

Title: False Front Culture     1968

Media: Graphite pencil

Title: Deflowering the Earth

Media: Oil on Canvas

This is one of the three picures that was banned from the Wagon Days Show.

Title: Rape of Indo-China     1968

Media: Collage

This picture about Viet Nam received a comment from the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation. unanimous praise. It was also banned from the Wagon Days Show.

Title: Bellevue, Idaho 1883     1983

This picture was painted in 1983  for Ed Cameron

It was done from an existing photo of Bellevue taken in 1883

Title: Hailey, Idaho

One early morning I was downtown, the sun was still low and made the clouds firey red, there were some clouds behind Mt. Baldy that appeared to me to  be a man and a woman and their child coming over the mountain.  It made me think of Mussorgsky's peice - Night On Bald Mountain toward the end, where day breaks. I ran home grabbed my paint, ran back downtown and got what I needed for the picture.

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