Name:             Wm A Jones
I was born in 1936 in Hailey, Idaho.
Sometime after I was discharged from the USAF I thought that I would try my hand at art. I thought that I might have a little bit of talent in that direction, as I had won a Poppy Poster contest while I was in the fourth grade. The contest was for all the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, in all three of the grade schools, in Twin Falls, ID., Washington, Lincoln, and Bickel. That would have been 1946, I would have been ten years old.
I bought some paints and brushes and set out.
In 1967 I received an Honorable Mention for a small oil painting, titled “If I Could, If I Just Could” at the 32nd Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture, at the Boise Gallery of Art, Boise, ID.
In 1967 self-published a short story, “The Yetee”. By R. R. “Stub” Swaner and Wm A Jones.
R. R. “Stub” Swaner and I built a set of tracks that could be mounted on a motorcycle.
Designed “Wagon Days Button” for Wagon Days Celebration, in Ketchum, ID. 1968.
In 1968 an oil painting “The White American” was shown in the American Legion Hall in Hailey and was threatened with arrest. It was accepted for the 33rd Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture at the Boise Gallery of Art. It was banned from the Wagon Days Show in Ketchum, ID., in 1969. It was invited to the 73rd Western Annual, an inaugural show for the new Denver Art Museum 1971.
In 1969 a collage “The Rape of Indo-China” received “… unanimous praise” from The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation. It also was banned from the Wagon Days Show in 1969.
In 1969 an oil painting “Deflowering The Earth” was banned from the Wagon Days Show.
In 1969-70 R. R. “Stub” Swaner and I, Wm A. Jones”, designed and build a full size snow tractor.
In 1970 arrested for an unfinished oil painting, “Horse Latitudes”. The warrant says, “…willingly and knowingly painting and drawing an obscene and indecent picture in the state of Idaho.
In 1970 “At The University”, accepted for the 35th Annual Exhibition for Artists of Idaho, Boise Gallery of Art.
In 1970 a psychedelic experience inspired what I call “Aluminum and Plastic” pictures.
In 1971I became aware of a lonely, hurting, frustrated feeling in my breast. This resulted in the picture “It Hurts. Then a little later the picture “What A Pile of Junk” came.
In 1972 an “Aluminum and Plastic” picture, “Inorganic City” was accepted for the 58th Annual Exhibition of Northwest Artists at the Seattle Pavilion in the Seattle Center.
“Airplane”, an aluminum and plastic picture. One Judge…Best of show, Culture America  show, Seattle.
Developed an anagram for my first name, WILLIAM. A little later made on for my last name, JONES
1973, a one man show, aluminum and plastic pictures, Kalispell, Montana.
In 1973 more depression and “Dead Bull” came. A few years later more depression and “It Hurts Number Two came.
In 1975 “Plumbing The Mother” accepted in an International show of Erotica at Triforium Galleries in San Diego, California.
In 1982 the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Magazine, Northwest People ran an article on Aluminum and Plastic Pictures.
In 1983 Everett News Tribune ran a short article about my art.
In 1985 Snohomish County Tribune ran a blurb about Aluminum and Plastic Pictures.
In 1985 the Everett Herald ran an article about the Aluminum and Plastic  Pictures.
In 1986 “Ty”, accepted for New Dimensions Show at Bumbershoot in Seattle.
In 1986 an aluminum and plastic version of Charles Burchfield’s “ Autumnal Fantasy” was accepted for the New Dimensions Show at Bumbershoot, in Seattle.
In 1986 “Keeper of the Forest”, was accepted for the New Dimensions Show at Bumbershoot, in Seattle.
In 1997 down and depressed again and “I Will Not Die…For You” came. Mixed media and stereo.
In 1998 finished aluminum and plastic picture called “Holy Shit”. This picture is a stereo picture and was published in Direct Art magazine, in the 2003 Spring- Summer issue. It was also shown in the 3DCenter For Art and Photography in Portland, Oregon 2007.
“Flake”, glass, plastic and paper mâché published in Direct Art magazine 2003 Spring-Summer issue.
In 2001 “The Old Man Enters The Ancient Mystery”, paper mâché and paint, a stereo picture was accepted for the Art Port Townsend Show, In Port Townsend, Washington. Published in Direct Art magazine 2002. Shown  in the 3D Center For Art and Photography, in Portland, Oregon 2007.
In 2002 “Father Stands Before The Ancient Mystery”, aluminum and plastic, was published in Direct Art magazine.
In 2009 “Winkers” made NBC’s Today Show. Went viral on the internet. Made KOMO news. Made front page of the Everett Herald. Featured on TRU tv Presents, world’s Smartest Inventions. South Korean fashion designer, Chang-Kwang-hyo gave an impressive comment and description of Winkers. A small notice of Winkers was found in a Trujillo, Peru newspaper.

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